Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Stay true to the things I knew when I was younger,

When food and love was all there left to hunger..
It's when I stray from that truth as I grow older,
Too much leaves an empty hollow hunger.
I think about you on the moon lit night and
the stars all seem to weep...
When there's so much love to lose, there's never any time for sleep...

Look at me doing all these things without you

We always left and you were untrue.
Whereas where we tried hard not to go to,
I think that's how I finally came through..
All the things we took for granted, the words still live on in my head,
All the times I took for granted, all the words I never said,

I think about you in the moon lit night and
the stars all seem to weep..
When there's so much love to you, there's never any time for sleep...

So, I stay true to the things I knew when I was younger,
When you and love was all there left to hunger.

It's when I stray from the truth as I grow older,

Too much leaves an empty hollow hunger,

Too much leaves an emptying hunger.

Living without you..

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Last ,but not least...

Σ'ευχαριστώ πολύ για την δημιουργία σου!!
Ποιόν ευχαριστώ?...Ξέρει αυτός!!

Saturday, May 27, 2006


Κάθε μέρα κάτι τελειώνει,
έτσι σιγά σιγά συνηθίζουμε το μεγάλο τέλος
βλέπουμε ένα καπέλο στη χλόη,
ένα πιάνο πλάι στη θάλασσα, μια γυναίκα στη βροχή-
θυμάσαι το σανατόριο στο μακρινό προάστιο
και την αλληλογραφία μας απ'τα διπλανά δωμάτια
ύστερα η αναχώρηση κι ένας απλός χαιρετισμός χωρίς επιμύθιο.

Κι ύστερα ήρθε η νύχτα
και τ'άστρα ήταν το τελευταίο σημάδι οτι αγαπηθήκαμε...

Saturday, May 20, 2006

foto_quizzzzzzzz vol.2

Ποιοί είναι οι πέντε κύριοι που όταν μεγαλώσουν θα γινούν fucking famous???
Δεν είναι δύσκολο...

_Η σειρά είναι η εξής:από πάνω προς τα κάτω
και αριθμώντας από το 1 εως 5..

I disconnect..

Έχοντας τα άπειρα νεύρα σήμερα..

Ξύπνησα τελείως χάλια.
Έξω σύννεφα και βροχή.Μέσα μόνο σύννεφα προς το παρόν.
Το απόλυτο κενό.Δεν έχω διάθεση για τίποτα και για κανέναν.
Tι αντικοινωνικό θα πείτε..
Όχι ακριβώς..Εσωτερικότητα "στο τετράγωνο" θα το έλεγα.
Αλλάζει τώρα αυτό?Τελοσπάντων..

Ελπίζοντας σε καλύτερη εξέλιξη της μέρας,
τολμώ να πω καλημέρα..

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Non, je ne regrette rien.

Δεν πήγα ποτέ..

Στα όνειρά μου όμως πάω παντού!
Kάποια στιγμή θα γίνει κι αυτό..πραγματικότητα!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Ποιές είναι οι κυρίες σήμερα ?

p.s. Γνωστές τοις πάσι και θεές!! Λοιπόν..

Monday, May 15, 2006

In my life..

Never reach my guiding light...
I will be searching for the sun...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy mother's day!

Coup de foudre!

Tu te fiches de moi ?

Friday, May 12, 2006

Dancing with my loneliness!

I've been here all the time,
as far as I know doing right
I've always waited for the moment
that you would come through my door.
But this brought loneliness ... so far
I lay my hand onto my heart.
Is this a life I want to live?
Is this the dream I had of you?...
...the dream I had of you?

Now I'm standing here alone
waiting on my own,
for something that will fill the emptiness inside...
The moment that you're mine
but this is loneliness ... I know
I lay my hand onto my soul,
Is this what life has got to give?
Is this the dream I had of you?

... the dream I had of you?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Surround me..

...with your love!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Too late...

Is it getting better?
Or do you feel the same?
Will it make it easier on you now..
If you've got someone to blame..
You said one love..
One life..
When it's one need..
In the night..
One love we get to share it..
It leaves you baby,if you don't care for it.
Did I disappoint you?
Or leave a bad taste in your mouth?
You act like you never had love..
And you want me to go without..
Well it's too late tonight,
to drag the past out into the light..
We're one, but we're not the same.
We get to carry each other..
Carry each other..

Did I ask too much?
More than a lot..
You gave me nothing now..It's all I got..
We're one, but we're not the same,
Well, we hurt each other, and we're doing it again..

Saturday, May 06, 2006

My love for you is ready...

Home alone and happy...
Nothing brings me down...

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Ερωτική επιθυμία...

Έναν ήλιο να αρπάζεις απ'τη μέση να χορεύεις αργά,
δίχως λόγο να κλαις για κάποια δύση με ένα χάος αγκαλιά,
κι αν τα χέρια μου άδεια χωρίς χέρια μια νύχτα με φως
δως μου μνήμη, μέτρα καλοκαίρια
είμαι ο άλλος σου εαυτός...

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Οnly thoughts?

Δεν έχουμε αρκετά αγαθά; Τρελάθηκες;

Σ’ αγαπώ, μ’αγαπάς. Σε νιώθω, με νιώθεις.
Σε πονώ, με πονάς. Σε νοιάζομαι, με νοιάζεσαι.
Τόσα ρήματα δικά μας! Καταδικά μας!
Να καταναλώνουμε μια ζωή.

Ταιριάζουμε εμείς.Γιατί...

Φοράμε το ίδιο χρώμα στην ψυχή.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Where's my angel?

Can you hear me?

Can you see?

My soul is sensitive.
Angel, take good care…
You know my secret thoughts
I’ve locked away, deep in a dark world
I know for sure
Cause my mind is in total control
Angel, why don’t you show me what’s right?
Do I have to find out things the hard way?
Angel, I need your judgment on what I do and what I say
I think you know me better than I know myself
You see the past, my insecurity
Of my everyday existence
I am just human with emotional disability
Explain to me…

Angel won’t you show me what’s right?
I don’t wonna have to learn the hard way...
Angel, I need your judgment on what I do and what I say…
Angel, when can I see you?

Desired reflections!

Όταν φεύγεις, είναι σίγουρο πως ρισκάρεις.

Τίποτα δεν θα μείνει έτσι, όπως το άφησες.

Ό,τι μένει πίσω σου, μπορεί να μην το γνωρίσεις,

αν θελήσεις να το ξαναδείς.

Δεν μπορείς να αιχμαλωτίσεις

παρά μόνο τις αναμνήσεις σου.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Catch the May spirit, if you can...

Δεν μπορώ να κουβαλήσω μόνη μου την Άνοιξη.

Πολύ απλά, σε χρειάζομαι!

Say what your soul sings to you..

Your mind can never change,
unless you ask it to.
Lovingly rearrange
the thoughts that make you blue.
The things that bring you down
will mean no harm to you.
And so make your choice joy.
The joy belongs to you...

And when you do,
you'll find the one you love is here.
You'll find you..
Love you ...

Love, love is a verb...

Water is my eye
Most faithfull mirror
Fearless on my breath...
Teardrop on the fire of a confession
Fearless on my breath...